Madison Street Leather

The Best in Leather Bowties...and Belts

Our Passion - the BOWTIE, but with a twist - Handmade, Leather, Made from Home

In 2013 an idea popped in my mind one day: the Leather Bow Tie.  So I pitched the idea to my dad, given as he deals exclusively in leather He liked it, but didn't think it was for him. I thought about it since then, but never acted upon it, largely because I didn't know anything about leather or how to make anything.

Having been so blessed with two children my wife and I decided to have one more. But then the unexpected happened. After our 3rd child (Maxwell) came into our lives in the fall of 2015 we knew I needed to shift gears. Max came to us with the gift of Down Syndrome, which will continue to be a massive learning curve for us. In February of 2016 he needed open-heart surgery. All of this has changed the "normal rhythms" of life for our entire family.

I couldn't stop thinking of the needs of my family, as well as leather bowties.  One day I went to get a cup of coffee.  It just so happened the sleeve around my cup had an image on it: a bow tie.  This was the the blossoming of the idea, into action.   So with the hope that I can not only be more available to my family, but also incorporate my family into helping produce and ship these handcrafted bowties, Madison Street Leather was born. 


We are excited to have a most unique bowtie that starts conversations and turns heads.  In 2016 we added belts to our arsenal as well, which coupled with a matching bowtie is sure to not only impress, but last a long time. 



We hand-select all our hides so we can be sure of the quality. After cutting our bow ties, we bevel the edges, and then we put on a high quality finish on them.   After the drying is finished, we rub them with sheep wool to give it that beautiful shine.  We then measure placement of holes for the stitch pattern we have selected and punch holes into the leather. Then each bow tie is placed individually in the stitching saddle and hand-stitchedwith a beautiful wax thread. The finishing touch of a "keeper" over the center of the bow tie is placed around it and then a rivet is hammered into it by hand, before the strap is fed underneath to make your bow tie READY TO WEAR.